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Post  darkblade682 on Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:14 pm

[b]alright ima teach u guys how to do the warhead glitch if you do not know it in warhead....
its pretty simple....
In bravo side[i think] there should be stairs leading into the vent[ its the stairs near the trash cans]...
NOW!!!!! this is wutt u have ta do....
u gotta go up and at the wall on the right side...
u thn crouch down and keep walking into the wall with a knife using the knife.....
Thn whn u see tht ther is no more parts of the wall just keep walking[no longer have to use the knife] in while turinin
right bit by bit thn whn u notice tht ur inside... go straight and make sureh to be as farr away from the wall as possible lik
go to the edge but amek sureh not to falloff...[NOTE IMPORTANT: ppl see parts of ur body and can still hurt u soo thts why
stay as farr away as poissble].



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