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weapon glitch - BUY ANY ITEM IN THE STORE Empty weapon glitch - BUY ANY ITEM IN THE STORE

Post  darkblade682 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:32 am

Alright readers I am darkblade682 but i have a new account starting from Febuary of 2009 named CHICHARON all in caps and you can add me to ask if i can show you these glitches or if you wana kno witout askin me just go to me youtube account xASIANBLADEx.....

Okay now time for me to tell you guys on how to get items from the shop which are darkened which u gotta lvl up to get thm...
well here is a way were u dont have to wait those endless hours playing to get it and here it is....

Firstly think of a particular gun that u would want to get tht is locked such as maybe the Dragon SVD sniiper rifle[idk how to spell it rlly T_T]
thn secondly open up ur messenger thn click the gun nearest or on top of the wepon tht u have chose....
u thn double click that locked gun...
it thn makes it available to u soo ya...
have funn wit tht new LOCKES WEPON!!!!!!!


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