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Post  combatkezzar on Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:00 am

Download Link: mediafire.com ?zgmoygmmnmz

Virus Scan: http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/6d9f67e...6b47df6b9ca6766

I recommend using MPGH Public Hacks as a bypass - http://ig4l.net/forum/?showtopic=2172

How To Use;

Float: Go In To A Map And Press F6

Less Recoil: Go In To A Map And Press F7

Aim Fov Mode: Go Into A Map And Press F8

Teleport To Mid Map: Go Into A Map And Press F9

Freeze OPK: Press F10 Before You Enter A Game.

Use a bypass.

Float hack: Freezes X,Y,Z Axis, So you can float around the map. Go to any place and jump off. Once you Jump press the hotkey And you should be Floating.

Less Recoil. Lowers Your Recoil. Go into any game and Press the HotKey and your recoil should be decreased.

Aim FOV Mode: Its The field view of your Aim.

Teleport To Mid map: Teleports you to The middle of the map basically.

Freeze Opk: This is from 1abel's old OPK source, It doesn't work as an OPK anymore, so all it does is freeze everyone in the game, It helps to use this when someone is attacking you, so instead of them jumping like fags you can freeze them and kill them.

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